Thought Leadership Programme: iLINC Policy Briefs and iLINC Legal and Technology Briefs for Start-Ups

The iLINC Thought Leadership Programme is an important initiative that crystallises the thinking of the iLINC Network on a number of key legal issues and challenges that are relevant for the ICT start-up community. The main objective of this programme is to be the ‘iLINC voice’ to help catalyse regulatory change and to help build legal awareness through the ICT innovation ecosystem.

There are two types of briefs:

  1. Policy briefs have been prepared with the aim of improving legislation to help ICT start-ups to realise their full potential. These are directed at everyone (and not just policy makers) who has a roll to play in designing an innovation-friendly, start-up environment.
  2. Legal/Technology briefs have been developed specifically for ICT start-ups to help develop their awareness on key legal issues, many of which have a strong technology component. Examples include the legal challenges associated with crowdfunding and the importance of net neutrality.

Crucially, *these briefs are dynamic*. This means that the broader iLINC Network members are encouraged to contribute to these briefs on an ongoing basis. The briefs are therefore living documents that reflect the evolving collective thinking of the iLINC Network.

Disclaimer: The iLINC best practice documents for law incubators are all currently in draft form and are subject to further changes before their full release. The purpose of sharing these documents in draft form is to ensure that the ICT start-up and entrepreneur community as well as the law incubator community can benefit from them as early as practically possible.