Start-ups and Data Protection – Purpose Specification & Limitation

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Start-ups often face the challenge of meeting two fundamental requirements provided for by European data protection law. First, the requirement to specify the purpose of their processing operations the moment personal data is collected by them (‘purpose specification’); and, second, the requirement that the collected data must not be processed further in a way that is incompatible with the initially …

How to Start Up a Legal Clinic – Key Considerations

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This policy brief is aimed at those universities who plan to set up their own legal clinic. There is no one, ‘ultimate’ incubator model. Therefore and rather than providing target recommendations, universities may want to take into account the key considerations formulated within this brief. How to Start-Up a Legal Clinic – Key Considerations

Challenging the Bar Legal Constraints for Legal Clinics

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Legal clinics serve a real market and societal purpose. Yet, setting up a clinic can be an extremely arduous task, not only from an organizational point of view. One of the key barriers relates to the questions: what constitutes legal advice and what are the implications thereof? This Policy Brief addresses these themes and hopes to convey the following messages: …

Tax Regulation and the Start-up Community

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Digital start-ups have limited funds. Nevertheless, even at an early stage, taxes need to be paid. This could drain valuable resources early on. Additionally, EU digital start-ups worry about the rising compliance costs due to the newly implemented VAT regime. The introduction of tax relief could provide start-ups adequate breathing space during the first years of development and could positively …

Regulating the Sharing Economy

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The sharing economy has enormous growth potential and is a driver for innovation. Unfortunately, the current legal framework lacks clarity. Moreover, regulatory interventions of local governments usually consist of the application of existing, stringent and sometimes outdated legislation. Such intervention insufficiently takes into account the sharing economy’s innovative properties. iLINC recommends policy makers to take into account the specific nature …

Creative Content Copyright and Start-Ups Facilitating Copyright Clearance

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Online media start-ups, active within the creative industries need to procure the license to the creative works they wish to exploit. Within the European Union, the clearance of rights for the use of those creative works, such as music or audio-visual content, can be quite difficult however. Due to licensing agreements, the rights can be scattered, raising the transaction costs …

Adapting The Corporate Climate for Start-Ups

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Digital start-ups aim towards rapid deployment, growth and scalability in an ever-changing technological environment. In order to be truly efficient, corporate law should take into account this need for flexibility. The rigidity of the current legal framework is apparent on two levels: the incorporation of the start-up and the start-up’s ability to hire and fire personnel. On both levels, legal …