User Profiling under the EU Data Protection Rules

Understanding one’s customers is the key of any successful business that focuses on providing personalised and targeted services. Start-ups are not an exception in this regard. Indeed, establishing customers’ profiles, or in other words “profiling”, may play an intrinsic role in a business plan of a new endeavour. It can even help to improve services as well as the overall performance of the company. While an easy access to increasingly sophisticated data mining systems and cheap data storage make the profiling an attractive option for business, it should be noted that this practice is subject to the EU data protection framework, consisting of the EU Data Protection Directive and the E-privacy Directive. This brief will provide guidance on the applicable legal framework for the profiling activities. ILINC recommends this brief to be read in tandem with the iLINC Legal & Technology brief concerning consumer consent.

User Profiling Under the EU Data Protection Rules

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