iLINC’s Achievements In Our First Two Years

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During the first two years of its operation, the iLINC Core Partners have:

  • Provided bespoke legal support to over 500 ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis (238 face-to-face and 286 using web-based queries).
  • Organised 38 legal events for ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs, each with 27 participants on average.
  • Involved 139 students in both of the above, and all of whom were involved in the provision of bespoke advice.

The iLINC Network has grown to include 18 Active Network Partners, at least three of whom have set up their own legal incubator as a direct result of the iLINC project.

With a growing membership, iLINC is beginning a new phase in its commitment to helping start-ups face legal challenges, while at the same time providing an enriching learning experience for law students.

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