iLINC Update – May 2015

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Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues,

The month of May was very special for iLINC: the third iLINC Best Practice Sharing Event took place in Berlin. It was without a shadow of a doubt a resounding success from all perspectives: the organisation, the people and the themes addressed.
The Hamburg/Berlin team went beyond the call of duty as hosts. One of the team, Max Grafenstein, has also recently written a blog piece about the event:  Please have a read!
Of particular note, was the emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the advantage of providing legal support to ICT start-ups in the broader context of entrepreneurship. In simple terms, law and business strategy are inextricably linked, and support that covers more than just legal support can provide a significant level of added value.
The number and quality of participants at the event were exceptional. Beyond the core team members of Queen Mary, Amsterdam, Lueven, Hamburg/Berlin and Brooklyn, we were fortunate to have involvement from Cumbria and Ulster (UK); Cork (Ireland); Hannover, Passau and Berlin (Germany); Namur (Belgium); Luxembourg; Pecs and Corvinus (Hungary) and Lisbon (Portugal). Finally, we had a number of special gusts including Fred Rooney from Touro (US) and ambassador for the EshipLaw Network; Russ Merbeth and Raymond Hegarty from Intellectual Ventures; Robert Gullander from Legal Hackers Sweden; and Karl Okamoto from Drexel (US).
A full set of presentations/documentation are available on the shared Active Network Dropbox folder and will soon be available on the iLINC Portal. Attached to this e-mail is the presentation made by Ian Walden on the Achievements of iLINC to date (which also includes further details on participants).
With regard to the future of iLINC, some very interesting ideas emerged and have started to take shape. These will be combined to form a proposition to take iLINC forward and may well include some kind of European/global competition for students (based on the pioneering initiatives of Karl Okamoto). The Thought Leadership work developed by iLINC also has a future at a global level.
Whatever form iLINC takes as it grows and evolves, everyone recognises that iLINC is special and that it has earned its longer-term position in the ICT innovation and start-up ecosystem.
Finally, the iLINC Team would like to invite any suggestions for moving iLINC forward from all of you.
Best regards,
the iLINC Team

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