iLINC Update – June 2015

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Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues,

The month of June has seen a number of opportunities emerge for iLINC partners. These opportunities will be the main focus of this update.
1. The iLINC Network
iLINC members have been invited by Prof. Karl Okamoto to express their interest in the next IPMeets competition (, thereby adding a European dimension to these pioneering events. To date, there have been enthusiastic responses from London and Lisbon, and further responses are encouraged.
2. iLINC Thought and Practice Leadership
The iLINC Legal/Technology briefs will soon be available for review before they are published at the end of July on the iLINC Platform. This is an exciting development for the iLINC project and this initiative could have far-reaching impact. If you are interested in being part of the review team then please contact John Cummins (Queen Mary) or Laurens Naudts (Leuven).
3. iLINC Communications/Events
Based on an initial experiment between Oslo and qLegal (Queen Mary) earlier in the year, the Amsterdam Clinic and qLegal are further developing an exciting new form of ‘best-practice sharing event’. The teams (students and staff) from the Amsterdam Clinic and qLegal (together with other collaborators) will be working together in London from 6-9 July in order to learn and share ideas on providing legal support to start-ups. A full report in blog format will be available from the iLINC portal after the event. It is hoped that further cross-border exchanges such as this will become commonplace to support the overall development of the European legal incubation capacity.
4. iLINC Future
The iLINC Network members are currently exploring options for iLINC continuation. As we all know, iLINC is an EU-funded initiative to help ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs to address their legal challenges. As iLINC moves into its next phase of development, it follows therefore that providing a ‘plug-in service’ to EU-funded projects (that focus on supporting the development and growth of technology start-ups) is a viable option. To this end, participation in the upcoming ICT event is Lisbon is encouraged:
As ever, the iLINC Team invites further comments from all of you as we approach the next phase of iLINC’s exciting trajectory.
Kind regards,

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