iLINC Update – July 2015

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Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues,

Once again, iLINC has made a couple of significant steps forward as summer gets into full swing. A key area of focus during this last month has been on the final preparation of the deliverables.
1. iLINC Thought and Practice Leadership
The Policy and Legal/Technology Briefs will be uploaded to the iLINC Portal during the first week of August. Thank you to those of you who have provided valuable input towards shaping these documents. If you have not had the opportunity to feed into these documents yet, there will be plenty of opportunities to do so. As indicated before, these briefs are dynamic; this means that the broader iLINC Network members will be encouraged to contribute to these briefs on an ongoing basis. The briefs are therefore living documents that reflect the evolving and collective thinking of the iLINC Network.
In addition to the Thought Leadership Programme, the Practice Leadership documents for work packages 2 and 3 will also be available during August. Of particular interest are the ‘practice handbooks’ for setting up a clinic and for linking clinic activities to learning programmes.
2. iLINC Communications and Events
The recent Cross Border Event led by the Amsterdam and Queen Mary law incubators (with participation from Berlin and Leuven) was very successful and provides a very good template for future events of this type. In addition to several visits, the students participated in a competition based on a real legal case study. Those of you who are interested to doing something similar at your own institution should contact Veronic Sijstermans (Clinic Amsterdam) or Patrick Cahill (qLegal at Queen Mary). The real strength of the iLINC Network lies in the ability to provide a legal support capability that spans multiple legal jurisdictions. Events of this type serve to help build this.
3. iLINC Future
On 15 September there will be a meeting in Brussels to discuss options for the future of iLINC. Some of you have already expressed an interest in being at that meeting. If you would like to participate in this meeting (but have not yet indicated) please send an e-mail to the iLINC Manager (John Cummins).
At this stage, I’d like to wish you all an enjoyable summer. As ever, any comments or feedback are more than welcome.
Kind regards,

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