iLINC Update – August 2015

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Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues,

As we enter September, I want to share the latest iLINC news.
1. iLINC Network
The start of September marks the beginning of the final month of the iLINC project with the European Commission as the lead sponsor/funder. This does not mean that iLINC will cease to exist thereafter, but that it will enter a new phase of its development. In order to give us the best chances possible of spreading our wings further, all Active Network and Strategic Partners are requested to send a statement of impact i.e. a brief description of how the iLINC project has benefitted your organisation. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.
2. iLINC Thought and Practice Leadership
With regard to iLINC content generation, both in terms of thought leadership as well as best practices, the final documents are being placed on the iLINC Portal as this message goes out. These deliverables are of a high quality and many are quite unique – well done to all concerned. Please do your best to help disseminate these deliverables as this will contribute towards the long-term sustainability of iLINC.
3. iLINC Communications and Events
We were planning an event in Brussels on 15 September to discuss options for iLINC’s future. As many of the iLINC Core Team members will be in Brussels in November for the final project review, it was felt that a teleconference would suffice (and that a face-to-face meeting would not be necessary). A short document outlining a continuation strategy for iLINC will be sent to all Active Network and Strategic Partners after the teleconference.
4. iLINC Future
There are a number of emerging initiatives/proposals for iLINC-s future. One possibility would see iLINC partners as members of EU projects consortia as ‘plug-in’ capabilities for projects that want to provide a range of support services to start-ups, and that wish to include a legal perspective. The Amsterdam and London clinics are currently talking to the Coordinator of the Get E-Health project about a possible bid. The ICT event in Lisbon may well be a good place for us to identify further opportunities.
Finally, thank you all for your ongoing support, and as ever, please send though any comments, insights or questions that you may have.
Kind regards,

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