iLINC Update – April 2015

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Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues,

It is time once again for an an update on iLINC activities. As suggested in the previous update, this covers four main themes: 1) the network, 2) thought/practice leadership, 3) communications/events and 4) our future.
1. The iLINC Network – Our Performance
One of our key objectives is to build the legal incubation capacity in Europe. And clearly, with greater capacity, there is more scope to provide legal services to ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs. In the past 18 months, the members of the iLINC Network (both Core and Active) have:
– supported 232 individual start-ups an entrepreneurs with bespoke legal support (and delivered by students);
– organised 33 events on legal issues for start-ups and entrepreneurs, with an average of 20-30 participants at each event;
– involved 136 students in the provision of support and events
This is a very strong performance in such a short time frame – well done to all!
2. iLINC Thought and Practice Leadership
On the thought leadership front, iLINC is carving out its position as a key ‘legal voice for start-ups and entrepreneurs’. Over the next six months, this will be articulated as:
a) The 10 most important legal challenges that should be on the radar for tech start-ups and entrepreneurs;
b) The 10 most pressing areas for regulatory/legislative change to support the innovation and growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and targeted at policy makers.
As indicated in the last monthly update, these will be prepared as legal and technology briefs, and any input is welcome.
3. iLINC Communications/Events – Berlin
The main news here is that the agenda is shaping up well for the third iLINC Best Practice Sharing Event, to be held in Berlin on 18-19 May – not long to go now! We now have around 35 participants confirmed which will go a long way towards ensuring that the event is a success.
4. iLINC Future – Establishing iLINC Sustainability
iLINC was well represented at the EShipLaw Annual Transactional Clinical Conference at the University of Missouri in Kansas City on 23 April. The idea of a ‘global network of networks’ for law incubators was well received by all participants as well as the main event sponsor, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The ideas will be presented in more detail at the event in Berlin.
Thank you to everyone and I look forward to reporting on the success of the Berlin event!
John Cummins (iLINC Manager)

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