iLINC ICT Legal Challenge Events Report from qLegal

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ICT Legal Challenge Event 1

Focus: Licensed and Open: Using law with Attitude, 17 January 2014. Organised by qLegal in collaboration with the Open Data Institute, London

Theme: What does it take to be legally open? Amanda Brock, Director, Origin International Technology Law and Professor Ian Walden, Professor of Information and Communications Law, Queen Mary University of London explained how to ‘use the law with attitude’. They examined the key role of licences and contracts in achieving open software, data, medicine and hardware.

Participation Levels: 21 attendees

ICT Legal Challenge Event 2

Focus: Legal Essentials for Start-ups, 5 February 2014. Organised by qLegal in collaboration with the General Assembly, London

Theme: Entrepreneurs (generally) are not lawyers, and may not know the full extent of how the law can help or hurt them. In fact, there are many legal considerations that impact start-up companies and entrepreneurs, particularly in the areas of business formation and structuring, employment and intellectual property protection. This fireside chat touched on these topics as well as the core legal issues that affect small businesses.

Participants were able to explore key legal startup essentials, including answers to the following questions:

  • Do I need to set up a company?
  • When and how should I organise my business?
  • What is IP and what should I consider protecting?
  • Do I need employment contracts or consultancy arrangements?

Participation Levels: This event had around 50-60 attendees.

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