iLINC Best Practice Event in Amsterdam: 30-31 October 2014

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The Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam invited all project partners to join the event in Amsterdam for two days in October 2014. The event was attended by representatives from 16 universities, in person: 4 from the core network, 11 from the active network and 1 associate partner. The program was full of interesting sessions arranged by the various network partners. During the first session on Thursday, the Amsterdam Clinic presented its projects followed by a Q&A session with Clinic alumni, incoming students and a Start-ups Demo Q&A with the Start-ups Braingineers und 3DHubs. The afternoon session „Transatlantic Exchange“ was chaired by Jonathan Askin, the founder of Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic. This session included a BLIP Demo with Q&A and a session with the topic „Perspectives for network collaborations”; participants were Prof. Tony Lipino and other from EShipLaw. The first session on Friday dealt with progress Q&A´s preceded by presentations demonstrating the development of the work packages 1 to 4 and will be followed by Break out sessions.

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