From training to counselling: KU Leuven students prepare for client intake simulation.

Laurens Naudts belgium

Over the course of three weeks, students participating in ICRI/CIR’s ICT Law Incubator program, took part in an intensive workshop regime. The aim of the workshops was to make students acquainted with the legal challenges of ICT start-ups. Necessary training, as the students will be personally guiding start-ups as of next year. Topics covered were: privacy and digital marketing, IP in the online environment and legal aspects of online contracting.

Although no more workshops will be given this year, students will now have to prepare themselves for the next challenge: a client intake simulation. During this simulation, students will actively engage with start-ups, distilling the relevant legal questions for their venture.

Conducting the workshops were Koan lawyers Moana Colaneri and Sean Van Ginderdeuren. Koan has built up a lot of expertise in the start-up industry. Through Fly, a cutting-edge program offering legal guidance to young and innovative businesses, Koan tries to address the rising demand of start-ups for legal advice. Fly is based on three main pillars: a thorough understanding of the client’s projects, a dynamic and pragmatic approach and adapted pricing.

Koan's Sean Van Ginderdeuren lecturing the students on e-contract law.

Koan’s Sean Van Ginderdeuren lecturing the students on e-contract law.