University of Porto – CIJE – Centre for Legal and Economic Research

The Centre for Legal and Economic Research (CIJE) is a Research Unit – integrated in the Law Faculty of the University of Porto, Portugal (FDUP). Its primary mission is to promote and develop research in the intersection between the field of law and the field of economics with domestic and international impact.
Established in 1998, the Centre began its scientific activity in 1999, with the recognition and financial support of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).
Along the way, CIJE has participated in international projects in partnership with foreign universities and international organizations of significant relevance and impact and served the national and international community.
In parallel, CIJE, through its researchers, has been providing ongoing collaboration to the Faculty of Law of the UP, promoting and actively participating in post-graduate courses and masters in the areas of tax law, labor law and several others.
Its research activity also focuses on the orientation of research and doctoral projects, disseminating the results to the national and international levels through the organization and participation in conferences.
CIJE is now working with UPTEC, the University of Porto´s start-up incubator and science and technology park.
Seeking to take advantage of its strategic location, UPTEC has a commitment to continuous development of the socio-economic fabric of the region, providing a favorable environment for innovation and the creation of new knowledge-intensive companies. Divided into four distinct poles – Technological Polo, Creative Industries Polo, Biotechnology and Sea Polo – the UPTEC concentrates a set of start-ups and innovation centres of national and international companies around the University of Porto.


Professor Glória Teixeira, Tax Law Professor at Law Faculty of University of Porto and Director of CIJE


Rua dos Bragas, 223 / Torreão Poente, Gabinete 325 4050-123 Porto - Portugal

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