University of Pécs

The history of higher education in Pécs dates back to 1367, when Louis the Great initiated the establishment of a university in the Episcopal city of Pécs. As a result of an integration process of several stages, the University of Pécs was founded, which has become one of the most famous, prestigious institutions having a leading role in regional education. It has ten faculties which cover the full spectrum of high-quality higher education. With more than 20,000 students and 1,800 academics, the University of Pécs is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Hungary offering high-quality research and education.

The wide range of study programmes offered at our ten faculties cover nearly every possible area of sciences. Students can pursue their studies at the bachelor’s level (BA/BSc), at the master’s level (MA/MSc) or even at the doctoral level (PhD, DLA). University of Pécs Faculty of Law decided to set up own clinical education in winter 2012. The UP Legal Clinic is a one-year program or more that starts each semester and that is integrated into the regular curriculum. It is open to law students from their second year. It comprises two courses, two hours per week each, and an internship.

The Small Business Legal Clinic is a prime example of how students are enriching the law school experience beyond the classroom. Students are exposed to the process of giving pro bono legal advice to entrepreneurs, startup and early stage companies, small business clients and making law related business decisions.



Tibor Füzy Dr, Clinic coordinator

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