Legal-economic clinic UNIOS

The Legal-economic clinic UNIOS is a joint multidisciplinary project of the Department of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Law in Osijek and of the UNESCO Department of entrepreneurship of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek. The clinic was founded in November 2013 and started working in February 2014. It operates on the mutual benefit of clients and students and is committed to enabling students to learn from practical experience.

Students of both faculties are involved in the work of the Legal-economic clinic UNIOS and with the synergy of knowledge they give local entrepreneurs legal and business advices. Students work in three-member teams and each team has two mentors, one from each field. The mentors include professors from both faculties, employees of the partners, Osijek lawyers, judges of the Commercial Court in Osijek and members of the Croatian Employers Association (CEA) Osijek and they supervise work of students. Everyone involved in the work of the Legal-economic clinic UNIOS, mentors and students, as well as associated partners, operate on a voluntary basis.


Legal-economic clinic UNIOS Business Incubator BIOS J.J. Strossmayera 341, Osijek Object B



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