Institute for Information Law (IvIR)

Institute for Information Law (IvIR), Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Part of the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam which with around 300 full time positions caters to some 3.500 law students, IViR is one the largest research centres in the field of information law in the world, providing an international and multidisciplinary research environment for some 30 staff. The Institute has been recognized as a centre of excellence for 25 years and Information Law is one of a select group of university wide research priority areas. Students of the LLM programme, the research LLM programme and our PhD programme benefit from the cutting edge multidisciplinary and internationally oriented research that staff engage in. IViR brings together all the legal disciplines necessary to study the regulatory framework for the production, dissemination and use of information. Information law is a discipline where many areas of law meet: intellectual property law, fundamental communication freedoms (notably privacy, freedom of expression and information), regulation of government information and commercial communication; and market regulation of networks (telecommunications, broadcasting and other media). The institute has played a pioneering role in this approach which has been followed at home and abroad.

Each academic year, students compete for the fifty places in the LLM Information Law and the LLM Research programme. The opportunity to acquire practical skills by taking part in The Clinic is one that students recognize enthusiastically seize upon. In addition to the regular law school programmes, IVIR offers annual summer schools on International Copyright Law and on Privacy cater to an international public of young upcoming academics, legal professionals as well as policymakers. IVIR also hosts various post-graduate seminars for practising lawyers and judges.

Based in the old heart of the city of Amsterdam, IVIR is especially well connected to the many legal professionals specialized in technology, media and communications. The Amsterdam metropolitan area is where many tech, media and entertainment businesses are headquartered and where start-ups flock to.


Institute for Information Law Korte Spinhuissteeg 3 1012 CG Amsterdam The Netherlands


Prof. Dr. Mireille van Eechoud, Professor of Information Law ( Prof. Dr. Nico van Eijk, Professor of Information Law ( Dr. Ronan Fahy, postdoctoral researcher (

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