Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) – Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Corvinus University of Budapest (est. 1920) defines itself as a research university oriented towards education, where the scientific performance of the academic staff meats up to the international standard and the students can obtain a competitive degree. Today CUB includes 6 faculties and about 18,000 students, where a whole spectrum of education in economics, business, social sciences, horticultural science, food science and landscape architecture is offered. CUB is the highest ranked university in its various fields in Hungary.
The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) is the biggest school of the Corvinus University with about 5500 students and 230 professors. As the most prestigious centre of business studies in Hungary FBA attracts many students from EU member states and from several non-European countries. FBA offers teaching programmes and research opportunities for BSc, MSc and PhD students on various fields of Management, Marketing and Media, Finance and Accounting, Business Economics, Development for Enterprises, Management Science, Business and Commercial Law, Information Science and Environmental Science.



Zsolt György Balogh, Associate Professor of Information and Communications Law

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