iLINC Best Practices for Law Incubators

The iLINC Network has established a set of best practices for establishing university-based legal incubators for ICT start-ups. These best practices cover the practical aspects of setting up a legal clinic as well as ensuring that clinic-based activities are fully integrated with the student learning programmes. Find out all Best Practice Resources on this page.

Disclaimer: The iLINC best practice documents for law incubators are all currently in draft form and are subject to further changes before their full release. The purpose of sharing these documents in draft form is to ensure that the ICT start-up and entrepreneur community as well as the law incubator community can benefit from them as early as practically possible.

Resources for Establishing a Legal Incubator

Establishing a University Start-Up or Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

A practical guide to help you establish or improve your legal incubator.

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Report: Models of Legal Advice Delivery

A more detailed report on the operation of legal incubators.

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iLINC Best Practice Case Studies

A set of case studies showing how law incubators work in practice, and how they can help start-ups.

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How to Start Up a Legal Clinic - Practical Considerations

A Policy Brief for Law Incubators

Read the Policy Brief here

Resources for Integrating Incubator Activities with Student Learning Programmes

Establishing a Start-up Law Clinic in a Law School

Top 10 practical tips for integrating incubators and student learning.

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Report: Establishing a Start-up Law Clinic in Law School

A practical guide for integrating incubators and student learning.

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Report: Establishing Links to Learning

A more detailed report on how law incubators can establish links to the curriculum.

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Law incubator Policy Brief

A policy brief for law incubators: Cross Border Learning.

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Resources and literature review

A more detailed report on available resources/literature.

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