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iLINC’s Achievements In Our First Two Years

25/09/2015During the first two years of its operation, the iLINC Core Partners have: Provided bespoke legal support to over 500 ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis (238 face-to-face and 286 using web-based queries). Organised 38 legal events for ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs, each with 27 participants on average. Involved 139 students in both of the above, and all of ... Read More

iLINC Update – August 2015

01/09/2015Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues, As we enter September, I want to share the latest iLINC news. 1. iLINC Network The start of September marks the beginning of the final month of the iLINC project with the European Commission as the lead sponsor/funder. This does not mean that iLINC will cease to exist thereafter, but that it will enter a ... Read More

iLINC Cross Border Project – qlegal/Amsterdam event, 6-9 July 2015, London

26/08/2015ILINC’s first Annual Cross Border event was a big success. CLINIC, the Amsterdam based Law Incubator, visited QLegal in London to learn from each other and discuss the difference in jurisdictions both startups and students face in their daily legal advice work for their law clinics. In the link below, you can read the full story of the 4 day ... Read More

iLINC Update – July 2015

28/07/2015Dear iLINC Friends and Colleagues, Once again, iLINC has made a couple of significant steps forward as summer gets into full swing. A key area of focus during this last month has been on the final preparation of the deliverables. 1. iLINC Thought and Practice Leadership The Policy and Legal/Technology Briefs will be uploaded to the iLINC Portal during the ... Read More

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