Startup Clinics (Berlin)

Startup Clinics are part of the research project „Entrepreneurship and Innovation“ at the Alexander von Humboldt-Institute for Internet and Society. Startup Clinics are a service offered to startups free of charge. Founders can attend individual sessions with our PhD students who help solving specific challenges. Startups receive support directly, via introductions to relevant mentors from our network, or through our online resources — e.g. our Knowledge Base. Currently, HIIG offers clinics on the topics of Human Resources & Culture, Law, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Lean Project Management and Business Model Innovation. Startup Clinics provide the basis for the generation of knowledge encompassing the most important elements of starting a business. Offering these services the research group gets access to the data relevant for its research on the promoting and hindering factors of the startup ecosystem.

Info about Law Clinic’s Specialization

In the law clinic, researchers examine the potential risks of legal issues with respect to, especially, IP and IT law as well as possible measures to diminish them. Legal templates help illustrating next steps to form a company or to draft the terms and conditions for the product. In case both researchers and founders come to the conclusion that professional consultancy, such as for customizing templates to the startup’s needs, is necessary the latter will be put in touch with one of the mentors specialized in that area.

Clinic activities

Startup Clinics, Knowledge Base and our research are focused on innovative internet-enabled startups. We provide a platform for these actors and thereby closely follow current developments in the field. By connecting innovative startup processes with relevant research, we are able to identify, support and mediate between significant developments in the field. We share knowledge with our local and global network of stakeholders who are interested in supporting and researching Internet-enabled startups.

  • Startup Clinics Talks with Gitta Blatt (Head of HR at Wooga) about „How to hire the best people for your startups“
  • Startup Clinics Talks with four experts of KPMG about „How to onboard talents“

Clinic successes

Over 64 startup business models analyzed; participation in the consultation process of the German Ministry of the Interior with respect to the General Data Protection Regulation.


Invalidenstraße 19 10115 Berlin Germany


Responsible Persons: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz Maximilian von Grafenstein LL.M.

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