Law Clinic Passau

The Law Clinic is organized by the chair of Prof. von Lewinski of the Faculty of Law of the University of Passau. The clinic provides legal advice by senior students to companies and start-ups on issues of media- and information law.

The students’ expertise ranges from legal compliance of website design through the data protection law to press and broadcasting law. Advice is given under the supervision of fully qualified lawyers. Companies, especially start-ups, who want to have their legal requirements screened, may apply with a short description of their case. The law clinic operates in stages and focusses on concerning issues of media and information law.

Clinic activities

The Law clinic was established in the summer semester 2014 and has currently its first run in the winter term 2014/15. Students serve as legal counsel to startups and other clients from the cultural and creative sector, crowdfunding platforms, as well as aviation business.
After a semester of curricular work, the clinic will next time offer an extracurricular service to the students.

Clinic successes

Roll-out was quite a success. A lot of students were interested in this new format. And, much more clients applied for legal advice than the clinic could serve; for the coming semesters, the clinic is going to enhance its capacities to accommodate the demand for legal counsel.


Prof. Dr. Kai von Lewinski Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht, Medien- und Informationsrecht Universität Passau Innstrasse 40 D-94032 Passau Germany


Professor Dr. Kai von Lewinski, Professor of Public Law, Media Law and Information Law Johannes Hoffmann, Coordinator of Law Clinic

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