Law and Technology Clinic

Technological developments raise a wide variety of legal challenges for entrepreneurs, organizations, communities and policymakers. These challenges are varied and encompass many legal fields such as: privacy and big data, intellectual property and human rights, information technology and civil rights, cybernetic attacks and national security, liability and responsibility of online intermediaries and so on. The Law and Technology Clinic engages in advocacy, advises organizations and initiates legal interventions on issues pertaining to new technologies.

The Law and Technology Clinic, the first of its kind in Israel, is part of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology focusing on intellectual property, information technology (IT) law, industrial property and science policy. The clinic also operates under umbrella of the Clinical Program for Law and Social Change, which consists of eight clinics, engaging in litigation, advocacy and policy change activities.

The clinic runs annually, and is accompanied by an academic seminar of Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren.

Clinic activities

The Clinic initiates position papers, drafts bills, advise organizations on issues of public interest in technology related areas and engages in educational activities to raise public awareness on issues pertaining to intellectual property and legal aspects of new technologies.​ The Clinic also offers legal guidance and informs ICT Entrepreneurs and Start-ups, in their early stage.

Clinic successes

Digital Access to Hebrew Resources: National Library Digitization Process​

The Law and Technology Clinic advises the National Library on legal issues that arise in the process of digitizing the library collection and providing online access via the Internet. Legal research conducted in this framework will be accessible to the public and will help other libraries and archives in Israel to make their collection accessible in a similar manner.

Access to Knowledge in Higher Education Project​

The purpose of this project is to remove barriers to the use of works used for teaching in higher education by formulating fair use best practices tailored to the special needs and public goals of academic institutions in promoting research and teaching. The project is being conducted in collaboration with the College of Management Academic Studies School of Law. As part of this initiative a forum comprising representatives of the majority of the institutions of higher education in Israel has been set up; the forum has formulated a Code of Fair Use Best Practices for use in higher education.

Creative Commons (CC) Israel Project​

In this project the Law and Technology Clinic engages in educational and public activities to raise awareness of the importance of access to knowledge. Activities include lectures to users, creative communities and the public at large, conducting studies pertaining to open access to data, scientific publications, and the scope of “commercial use” in non-commercial licenses. In addition the Clinic is responsible for the localization and/or translation of the CC licenses.


199 Aba Khoushy Ave. Mount Carmel, Haifa 3498838 Israel


Adv. Dalit Ken-Dror Feldman, Law and Technology Clinic Legal Supervisor Dr. Sharon Bar-Ziv, HCLT research fellow

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