iLINC ICT Incubator of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT/Centre for Intellectual Property Rights

In October 2014, KU Leuven and Leuven Research & Development established the Leuven Community for Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship (LCIE), a multi-disciplinary community uniting students, researchers and professors. LCIE’s main goal is to stimulate entrepreneurship within the KU Leuven association, which is to be achieved through the set-up of several start-up incubators. Thus LCIE will become a one-stop-shop for young start-ups seeking help in their endeavors.
The legal branch of the LCIE network is IusStart, an umbrella moniker for the legal incubators of the network. Within those incubators, enthusiastic law students give legal advice to start-ups under the guidance of top law firms. Since IusStart’s inception, two paths have been developed: an intra-curricular section, supervised by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI), and an extra-curricular incubator, organised by doctoral students.
ICRI coordinates the iLinc ICT Law Incubator, which was set up by ICRI in collaboration with the European iLinc project. Master students provide legal advice to ICT start-ups as part of their curriculum. The iLINC ICT incubator offers specialised IP, ICT and Media Law advice. Within LCIE, our incubator has become thé point-of-contact for ICT start-ups struggling with legal issues. Questions related to other legal domains are forwarded to our colleagues of the extra-curricular branch.

Clinic activities

The iLINC ICT incubator provides free specialized legal advice, focusing particularly on legal questions related to the domains of Intellectual Property, ICT and Media Law. The scope of law is limited to Belgian law, although a general overview of European obligations may be given as well.
All students are supervised by professional legal counsellors, ensuring that start-ups receive qualitative advice. The advice can cover a wide range of complex legal issues, including but not limited to:
Intellectual Property related matters such as copyright, trademarks and patents
Protection of businesses via non-disclosure agreements
Privacy and data protection obligations
Drafting terms & conditions and

Clinic successes

During the first few months, the iLINC ICT incubator has given advice to numerous promising start-ups. Students and law firms are given the freedom to decide on how to guide the start-ups, a work- method assuring start-ups well-tailored advice.


Innovation and Incubation Center Kapeldreef 60 3001 Heverlee


Professor Peggy Valcke, Professor of Media and Information and Communications Law Laurens Naudts, Legal Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT/Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Michiel Vanwynsberghe, Legal Researcher at KU Leuven, contact person for those legal areas other than IP, ICT and Media law Contact details for clients:

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