The Clinic Foundation is the only specialised law clinic offering legal aid in the areas of technology, media and communication (TMC). The Clinic offers free legal assistance, with final-year information law students answering questions, supervised by experienced lawyers. The Clinic assists individuals and starting entrepreneurs on issues such as copyright, trademark law and internet privacy; and provides innovative start-ups with assistance on more complex legal issues regarding technology, media and communication.

Clinic activities

The Clinic offers:

  • first-line legal aid for relatively simple questions
  • intensive legal assistance for start-ups dealing with complex questions
  • an online knowledge platform for the most common questions

Clinic successes

To date, the Clinic has given advice to numerous individuals and entrepreneurs. Our legal support has offered promising start-ups such as 3D Hubs, Braingineers, Timm&Pimm, Dreamups and Wonderflow the opportunity to grow into sustainable businesses.

Address 1012 WX Amsterdam Netherlands


Responsible Person: Veronic Sijstermans ( Contact details for clients:

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